What is Escapists?

We create digital experiences unlike any other.
Through immersive storytelling and multiplatform integration, you are put to trial.

You can participate in these thrills… If you dare.

The Escape Experiences

Girl, silhouette,
What happened to Anna?

The Corporate Kidnapping

You are the newest employee of the Interwish Company. However, in your first hour at the job, your co-worker has gone missing. It is your job to find out what happened to her and what secrets are buried deep beneath the surface.

What secrets can a cult hold?

The Initiation

After months of work, you have finally infiltrated the secret cult. Now that you have entered the Initiation, you have to find the ancient secrets the cult holds. Make sure to stop the brainwashing before it’s too late…

What do escaperooms do?


Learn how to work together under epic circumstances.

Whether you are looking to break the ice with some new colleagues, or you might have known your friends for years and years: we challenge you to work together like never before.


Escaperooms with unique storylines, riddles and adventure.

The digital experience somehow always seems to be lacking in thrill and interactivity. Not anymore: we have created a multiplatform experience with interesting stories, characters and plottwists.

Problem solving

How would you respond in critical situations?

From afar, everyone seems to be confident in their problem solving skills. We want to put you under the test, to see how much of that is actually true.


I would give the entire Experience 5 out of 5 stars.

The riddles were original and the right level of difficulty. It was so much fun, time flew by. I especially appreciated the ending of the story!

Amazing experience that I would definitely recommend.

We really liked the Corporate Kidnapping. It was very exciting! Although it got hard at some parts, we got through it by working together. We found out the truth just in time!

An original Experience with a well-developed story.

I was very pleasantly surprised with this Experience. The entire Experience looked amazing! The storyline was very interesting, filled with original riddles. I really liked seeing how teamwork was essential to the Experience.