The Corporate Kidnapping

This was not in the job description…

Find out what happened to Anna...

In this experience, you are the new staff at the Interwish Company. Within each department, different information is hidden. When your co-worker goes missing, it is up to you to find out what happened to Anna. Who can you trust?


Take a closer look at Anna's past, dig through hidden archives and hack into the system.


We recommend a minimum age of 16 for this experience. This is due to the complexity of the riddles and the theme of kidnapping.

The experience lasts 1.5 hours and costs 14 euros per person.

Will you take the job?


This is an experience for everyone! Whether you've never done an escaperoom before or if you've had your fair share: we are here to guide you through this fun time.

Problem solving skills

Test your current skillset and see if you really have what it takes to think outside of the box.


Get to know your co-workers, friends or family better! We offer a chance to learn how to work together in a unique situation.


The experience is filled with intriguing plots, characters and possibilities.

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