The Initiation

What secrets can a cult hold?


You have been invited.

In this experience, you have to stay undercover at all costs. Infiltrate the cult, find out their secrets and get out before you’re brainwashed. The stakes are high and you’re not safe anywhere. Watch your back…


Read the ancient scriptures, find out the Secret and don't attract any attention.


Entry to this experience starts from the age of 16. The riddles are advanced and there are themes of cults and sacrifice in this experience.

The experience lasts 1.5 hours and costs 17 euros per person. 

Will you accept the Invitation?


Get to know your co-workers, friends or family better! We offer a chance to learn how to work together in a unique situation.


This is an experience filled with excitement, tension and thrills.

Problem solving skills

Test your current skillset and see if you really have what it takes to think outside of the box.


The experience is filled with intriguing plots, characters and secrets.

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